Larry Rogers for District 3 Anne Arundel County Board of Education


Why Am I Running?

Who am I?

As a lifelong resident of Anne Arundel County, I spent my entire K-12 experience in the Anne Arundel County Public School system and now have the privilege of guiding my two daughters through
the same school system.                             

I am a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, an IT Leader in Annapolis Maryland, a volunteer for
several Maryland based non-profits and a girls softball coach for a recreational league in Pasadena.

I would continue to honor my volunteer commitments if elected and would be honored to serve and represent District 3 so that our voice can be heard.

Concerns and Beliefs

While the elementary school and high school experiences for my daughters has been generally what I had hoped for, I found that middle school hasn’t changed much and in fact has become a much more violent and disruptive experience. Both of my daughters have been victims of violence in two different middle schools in Anne Arundel County.

I believe that our students are being given access to social media by parents before they are even mature enough to understand how to appropriately interact in-person. Social media has led to an increase in bullying, school violence, youth suicide and inappropriate content that can haunt our children into their adult lives. While I believe that our elementary schools do a fantastic job at preparing their students for the academic challenges that they will face them in secondary schools, they are behind the times when it comes to preparing them for interacting with one another when they move on to secondary schools.


While there are many avenues for your voice to be heard, via Citizen Advisory Committee, public testimony at board meetings, or calls to the Superintendent’s office, for the first time you will have an accountable, elected representative for your community to contact when you are having issues. The ability to send an email or call me so that I can make your voice heard is a step in the right direction towards giving our parents a voice without demanding their time at a board or committee meeting.


Every student is entitled to an education in Anne Arundel County, including those who do not wish to have one. For those students who do not show an interest in the learning process, better programs should be put into place to aid them in becoming productive members of society if they have chosen not to willfully participate in the education process. Creating such programs would be a radical change from repeatedly putting them in classrooms with engaged students only to disrupt and disengage the other active students.

I will push for higher standards of student accountability including steeper penalties for students who repeatedly commit acts of violence or acts of bullying.


What do I have to say about my opponents for this seat?

I love the fact that there are people who care about our students and their futures. There is nothing self-serving about a seat on the board. They are running because they care about our students and our county. While we may have different views on what it takes to improve our school system, I will never have anything bad to say about any opponent as I know they care about making our county a better place, just like I do. So I think my opponents are great people, who care and if I am not blessed with the opportunity to serve, I will throw my support behind who ever represents the great people of District 3 that I love.